Tristan (voc)

TBA (bass)

Stephan (git)

Tomma (dr)

Keerti (git)

WASABI stands, since it was founded in 2010, for extraordinary wide range of rock music, with a properly sharp note. The Berliners prefer to rock live and loud on stage, so they created the live-album “Live at Camp Tipsy” in 2014. Additionally they released their first EP “5” which was also produced in 2014.
The band often plays on stages in Berlin and throughout Germany and has already gained a reputation as a great live band!
WASABI – Extraordinary wide range rock music.

The band formed in 2010 by Stephan (guitar) and Thomas (drums) in Berlin Treptow, initially named “Gekkoeye”. In the end of 2010 Peter (bass), who played guitar in different bands before, now took care about the bass. In spring 2011 Tristan (vocals) joined the band and completed, the formerly purely instrumental project.

The project quickly composed the first songs, so that already in August 2011 we gave our first two concerts at the Querfeldein-Festival near Dresden and Rock-Urgestein Music-Meeting near Göritz Since 2012, the band regularly gives concerts in Berlin and throughout Germany. Gradually the Band created the first recordings in the rehearsal room. Early 2013, Markus (guitar) joined as a second guitarist. In October 2013 Chris took the place of Markus and filled the gap of the Wasabi complete package. In July 2016 Keerti joined the band and replaced Chris as lead guitarist.

In August 2014 Wasabi released the first EP – “5”. Simultaneously the band released a live record “Live at Camp Tipsy”, recorded by Tom Bradler and TuneUp e.V. on the Camp Tipsy Festival.